Welcome to 2013


Martin Costigan - Newsletter

Edition #3, February 2013


Welcome to 2013

Dear Visitor

Welcome to 2013! This is the first monthly newsletter for 2013, a year which promises to be an exciting one for martincostigan.com There are some exciting new developments this year which I am looking forward to introducing.

The first of these is the Living Water Webinars. These 1 hour webinars will focus on Homeopathy and other aspects of wellness. The first webinar will be on Wednesday, February 20 at 7.30pm (AEST, Queensland). The topic will be 10 Tips for Home Prescribing and it will be free. This particular webinar is aimed at people who wish to learn more about prescribing Homeopathic remedies at home for simple everyday conditions. 

To enrol for the webinar email me through the website to indicate you are interested in taking part. Then the day before the webinar I will email you out a copy of the presentation, along with instructions about how to connect up on the night.

I intend to follow up with a short series of webinars on Homeopathy which will incur a small cost for each if you wish to participate. There will be detailed information about this series in next month's newsletter.

The second new initiative that I am introducing to martincostigan.com, is a series of Meditation Days. These days will focus on the practice of contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition. It will be a great opportunity for partcipants to have time-out from the busyness of life, and learn the practice of being able to still the mind through the use of both body awareness and mantras. All are welcome regardless of  individual beliefs. Again if you are interested, email me to indicate this and I will email you back the details. The first of these days will be held on Saturday, March 2 at beautiful Kumbartcho Sanctuary at Eatons Hill, Brisbane. The cost per person for the day will be $25. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided and participants are asked to bring a dish to share for lunch.

This month's youtube clip was sent to me by a patient. If you need some inspiration and love to watch kite flying you will enjoy this movie.

Have a great month and blessings to you and your loved ones.



     Wednesday, February 20

     - Time: 7.30-8.30pm (AEST, Queensland)

Living Water Webinar - 10 Tips for Home Prescribing

Saturday, March 2

Introduction to Christian Contemplative Prayer Day

- Location: Kumbartcho Sanctuary, Eatons Hill

- Time: 9.30am-4pm (AEST, Queensland)

- Cost: $25 (morning and afternoon tea provided)




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