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Advanced Classical Case Management Seminar

May 7-8, 2016

Dear Visitor

Do you struggle with case management? This 2 day case management intensive will focus on various aspects of the case management dynamic within the clinical setting.

Many homeopaths struggle to develop a clear approach to case taking and repertorisation, the result often being a simile for the case, not the simillimum. Even if the simillimum is found from the initial consultation, where do you go from there? This is the area of case magement where uncertainty creeps in, most mistakes are made, and the case is lost. To journey with a patient to completion of cure is exhilarating and a great sense of achievement becuase it involves all a practitioners skills and the whole 'tool kit' of homoeopathic principles.

The seminar will include live case taking by Martin of a patient provided by a seminar attendee. The attendee can then continue the case management in their own practice. The live case and subsequent analysis will highlight many of the principles covered in the seminar.

This seminar will be the first in an ongoing annual series.

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Advanced Classical Case Management Seminar: May 7-8, 2016



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