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The Connection Between our Emotions and Physical Health

Many people living in the world today compartmentalise their emotions and general health separately within themselves. In doing so they don't acknowledge, or understand, the very real connection between one's emotions and physical health.

Never before experienced migraines that turn up after the loss of a child. Irritable Bowel Syndrome that develops after being being treated unjustly in the workplace over a period of time. Susceptibility to colds, coughs and flus since the unfaithfulness of a partner. These are all examples of emotional traumas that lead to decreased wellbeing on the physical level.

I have developed a model of the whole person, which I use in my work as a Homeopath. In this model, a person is comprised of 7 different aspects:

- spiritual

- mental

- emotional

- physical

- sexual

- social

- life history 

In this blog we are going to focus on the inter-connection between the emotional and physical aspects. At the centre of our being is our energy field. This is referred to by various names. In Homeopathy we use the term Vital Force. In Chinese Medicine it is called Chi. Our Vital Force animates our whole being. This is the dimension in which true disease occurs. The Vital Force has a centrifugal action i.e. it attempts to send the imbalance to the outside to protect the vital inner organs. This creates what we commonly refer to as symptoms. As our Vital Force goes out of balance, that imbalance is expressed externally across both the emotional and physical dimensions. A person's Vital Force can be knocked out of balance by a number of things but none more so than emotional traumas.

In Orthodox Medicine, disease is believed to only occur on a material level; no energetic apsect to disease is acknowledged. Therefore, the symptoms are viewed as the actual disease, not outward expresssions of an inner imbalance. Suppressive treatments are used to remove these outward expressions, which unfortunately, often serve to either worsen them or push the disease process deeper. An example of the latter I have seen in my clinic is children who have had chronic eczema suppresed with cortisone creams, who then subsequently develop asthma-like symptoms.

As stated above, emotional traumas can produce a significant imbalance in a person's Vital Force. This is even more so with suppressed emotions. Two commonly suppressed emotions are grief and anger. Of the two, suppressed anger is probably more destructive in the long-run, often leading to depression. I have treated many people who have carried suppressed emotions around for years. As their Vital Force is restored to balance they experience a release of the suppressed emotion and a subsequent improvement in their emotional and physical health.

So emotional and physical health are intimately connected. If you started to experience a decline in physical health over a short period of time, ask yourself if that decline was preceded by a significant trauma occurring  in your life. You may surprised by the answer.




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